Kids Martial Arts Classes

Beginner Kids Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In October

Master Sang's TNT's Kids Martial Arts classes provide a fast-paced, fun-filled, self-defense workout that helps kids grow in a positive, well-disciplined, yet challenging way.

Each Kids Martial Arts class is filled with high-energy, age-appropriate drills that have been carefully designed to build strength, stamina and endurance, as well as develop the important life skills your child will need to be successful in life.

Give Your Child A Kick Start To Success With Master Sang's Kids Martial Arts Classes


  • Pee Wee Classes (Ages 4-6 Years)

Master Sang's Pee Wee program teaches young students Tae Kwon Do basics while focusing on essential physical and life skills. This martial arts program improves their balance, coordination, reaction time and flexibility while also learning the values of respect, discipline and obedience to their parents.

Our Pee Wee Martial Arts classes also strengthen listening and communication skills. Our students learn non-violent martial arts drills, games and important martial arts basics that may look like just fun, but will build the pattern of creating good manners and a genuine personality of goodwill toward others. Because we live in an uncertain time and world it is important to teach our children self defense skills to protect them. In our Pee Wee Martial Arts and Self Defense classes, we instruct young children on the correct way to conduct themselves if they ever encounter danger.

  • Junior Classes (Ages 7-12 Years)

Our Junior Martial Arts program is a fun, yet challenging program for students between the ages of 7 and 12 years. The methods used in the Juniors Martial Arts program consists of teaching confidence, self-discipline and control as they learn how to act and react to the world around them. 

Our Juniors are treated with respect and are taught to return the same respect to others. We believe in praise, encouragement and positive reinforcement. Our Junior Martial Arts program promotes nonviolent resolution to conflict. The instructors teach our students the values of making goals and working to meet them. Our Martial Arts curriculum is designed to help our students become more successful in all areas of their life, not just in class.

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Benefits of kids martial arts

  • Greater Overall Health & Fitness
  • Learn Tae Kwon Do Basics
  • Learn Essential Life Skills
  • Non-Violent Training In A Challenging, Fun & Safe Environment
  • Learn Effective Self-Defense & Bully Prevention
  • Learn Self-Discipline, Confidence & Control
  • Enjoy Positive Reinforcement

Our kids martial arts Classes Are Located In

  • Aventura
  • Sunny Isles Beach

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