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Homestead Middle School

Dennis M. , Master Sang's TNT Testimonials

I just joined master sangs about two months ago and its an absolute honor to train under such a high ranking Taekwondo master. Everyone is open minded about other martial arts and the atmosphere is friendly and easy to learn in especially for a guy who wants to learn a new martial art at a later age

Dennis M.

Daniel B. , Master Sang's TNT Testimonials

Great place to learn taekwondo! Amazing instructors, great safe ambiance, and super clean. My son is loving it after trying so many other places. Highly recommend! 

Daniel B.

Carey M. , Master Sang's TNT Testimonials

My daughter Sophia started with Master Sang's at the age of 6. She started out a shy student who really wasn't involved with any fitness activities outside of school. Now she is 10 and has reached first degree black belt! Now she is a much more confidant and disciplined student . We have nothing but great things to say about Master Sang, his instructors and the training programs that the school offers!

Carey M.

Shiamaa N. , Master Sang's TNT Testimonials

My kids have been there for 3 years now and they really love the place, master Sang is a great person and instructors David and Danielle are amazing and the whole environment is clean and safe. .. they taught them to respect others beside self defense and I'm glad with the cooperation between the instructors and the family..highly recommend. .

Shiamaa N.

Diego M., Master Sang's TNT Testimonials

My daughter loves this place. I have seen her grow from an introvert into a more confident little girl. Learning martial arts has impacted her general life starting with the acquisition of discipline, the ability to articulate her opinions and ideas with both adults and kids her age, and the selfworth that comes from knowing she can, too, defend herself if she is ever threatened. Again, as a parent, it is my duty to empower my daughter in becoming a strong woman (we need them). In that sense, Master Sangs TNT is a great aide.

Diego M.

Isabel L., Master Sang's TNT Testimonials

My 2 boys love the class! Instructor Daniel and Instructor Jung have great energy and they take the time to connect with the kids. They also know the name of every kid and they call each of them by their name which I think is the key for them to have the great relationship they have. They create a positive learning environment and the kids learn the skills while having fun. The kids look forward to learn more and give more of themselves every class! The place is impeccable! Master Sang and his wife are adorable and very respectful! Children learn by example and here you will find the best role models! 100% recommended!

Isabel L.

Alan S., Master Sang's TNT Testimonials

My daughter attends. They teach the full experience, body and behavior. She loves her sessions. All the instructors are passionate about teaching the kids. It also-has a nice feeling of community. Highly recommend!

Alan S.

Sherine K., Master Sang's TNT Testimonials

Amazing energy- every single boy and girl get a lot of attention and feedback. The staff is very professional and really enjoy teaching. I enrolled both my boys and they are infatuated with the class. They are learning so many physical skills, including respect! They love love the fact that master Sang has been in movies and worked with Jackie Chan in Rush Hour 3- we watched it so we could see Master Sang.

Sherine K.

Milliam G., Master Sang's TNT Testimonials

Love this place! There is warm and friendly vibe but at the same time you are made to work hard! We look forward to the class every time. They know how to work with kids and motivate them. Kids have a lot of fun while learning new skills. I highly recommend it!!

Milliam G.

Andrea W., Master Sang's TNT Testimonials

My son and daughter ages 4 and 3 are members since September, they love coming to the academy and learn. I see big improvement in listening skills and paying attention and learning Tae Kwan do!!!!I am very pleased with the instructors and kids are happy to come every time!!!!!

Andrea W.

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